Trusted Individual Income Tax Planning and Filing

In today’s modern world, with multi-fold avenues of income generation available to individuals, complete and accurate tax reporting has become imperative.

At Rubino, our team works closely with you in identifying and analyzing the areas for potential tax savings opportunities. Engaging with Rubino means a proactive approach to understanding the tax issues faced and providing comprehensive tax services that includes tax compliance and consulting services.

With over 40 years of extensive tax experience working with individuals, Rubino is perfectly sized to offer personal attention and deep industry knowledge regardless of assets.

Taxes should never be seen as a year-to-year situation, but as an on-going process. With our comprehensive tax services, we can lower the anxiety, and tax day becomes just another day. 

Rubino is a trusted partner. Our clients trust us as being a valuable resource to help them achieve their financial goals by providing tailored tax solutions and being a reliable tax partner.

A Commitment to Client Success

For over 40 years, Rubino has provided highly specialized public accounting, tax and financial planning, regulatory consulting, and related financial services.

Our tax services include;

The Rubino Advantage

Your family is important, which means your tax strategy needs to be able to protect your income and reduce your tax liability. Through our years of tax preparation experience, our dedicated team of tax experts understands the tax challenges every entity faces and will help you find the best strategy to mitigate your liability and maximize your after-tax income. 

Everything we do is focused on building relationships and adding value to every engagement. Our clients are our priority, and we take your needs and goals into account.

We offer our clients a unified resource to help them reach their goals. Our tax advisory and preparation services are a critical element of helping our clients succeed

Our team will guide you through personal income tax planning decisions. Our extensive experience and expertise will help you unravel complicated tax issues and mitigate your liability.

What Do Our Tax Planning Services Mean to You and Your Family?

Tax Return preparation information and process

Below is the brief overview of our tax return preparation process;

Portal access and information: Coming Soon

Revver is our online file sharing system which allows us to securely share documents between you and our office.

Once a client engages us for the tax services, they would have access to the portal.

Please see below the instructions for secure sharing of the documents;

For new clients,

  1. You will receive a “New User – Welcome to Revver!” email. The Revver system is designed to initiate a “secured token” which allows you to login and create a password for your account. However, the tokens for security purposes are designed to expire within 24-hours so the link in your email needs to be accessed within that timeframe.
  2. You have successfully logged in when you can view the folder Client Portal – ‘Name’ which can also be accessed by double-clicking the “Home” folder. Proceed to the following folders: Home > Client Portal > To Rubino and you would be able to upload the files/documents.

For existing clients –

  1. Make sure we have your updated email address on record.
  2. Please go to this link. This will take you to the main sign-in page. We recommend you bookmark this site for quick access in the future.
  3. You may have to reset the password in case you do not remember.
  4. Upon successful login, proceed to the following folders: Home > Client Portal > To Rubino and you will be able to upload the files/documents.

With the Rubino Team,Anything Is Possible

With Rubino, your organization is primed to reach your goals and beyond. We enhance what you already do well, we improve what you don’t, and we help you build an organization that is ready for anything.

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