Financial Statement Audit

A financial statements audit is a systematic and independent examination of your organization’s financial records, transactions, and financial statements by a qualified external auditor. The main purpose of the audit is to provide assurance to stakeholders that the financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with relevant accounting standards.

You need auditors and advisors who understand your industry, your long-term strategy, and any risks that need to be assessed and managed, and you need advisors who can inject this knowledge into the audit process. Therefore, our experienced audit service professionals start by getting a clear understanding of your organization and your goals. Our audit professionals also have experience with the specific challenges and opportunities within your industry.

We have transformed the traditional auditing role into a process that helps us gain a deeper understanding of your needs, because we recognize that you expect more than just an auditor’s report and management letter recommendations after an audit. Thus, our process applies a value-added approach that helps you achieve financial and operational success.

At Rubino, our engagement partners are directly involved with the planning and execution of your engagement. With our low employee turnover we provide a consistent and stable team of qualified experts who can efficiently guide you through the audit process.

Our audits culminate in the delivery of meaningful presentations and reports to owners, management, and those charged with governance. These include advice on enhancements to industry best practices and internal systems and controls.

Our services are tailored to meet your unique needs. We have the capability to leverage our proven remote processes and cloud technology to safely demonstrate compliance and meet deadlines without on-site auditors. Our state-of-the-art collaboration platform enables easy direct responses to document requests through secure upload capabilities and simple project progress tracking through a personalized dashboard. Our team focuses on building trusted relationships, clear communication, and efficiency throughout the audit process, making the audit experience effortless so you can focus on your day-to-day activities.

How accurate are your financial statements? Even if they are only for internal use, they need to be exact.

Rubino is a trusted partner. We help clients achieve their goals and grow by being in sync with what they need and by providing the experience and expertise of a large firm with the service of a small firm. Learn more about our staff or find out more about us and what drives us to be a complete CPA firm.

A Commitment to Accurate Professional Audits

We take the time to understand your business and the issues and challenges your organization faces. Our advisory teams deliver audit strategies that work specifically for you. Are you ready for an audit? Reach out to Rubino today.

Our Approach

During the audit process, the goal is an independent, thorough assessment of financial statements. The deliverable goes beyond an audited set of documents—we aim to provide an extensive analysis of your organization and ways you can improve efficiency and profitability.

How do we do this?

We view each audit as an opportunity. We assess the risk to your business, industry changes, and how technology can improve what you do every day.

Our auditors remain accessible and responsive throughout the audit, working closely with your employees and management.

When we uncover significant deficiencies or weaknesses in internal controls, not only do we inform you, but we also show you ways to improve them for future audits.

Our Mission

At Rubino, we are focused on helping our clients succeed. We are problem solvers and consultants, and our goal is to be a catalyst for success for our customers, community, and employees.

With the Rubino Team,Anything Is Possible

With Rubino, your organization is primed to reach your goals and beyond. We enhance what you already do well, we improve what you don’t, and we help you build an organization that is ready for anything.

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