Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations

Rubino has worked with nonprofit groups for decades.  We understand how the stewardship of financial resources is essential to success of your organization. We provide tailored assurance, tax and advisory solutions, including:

Since our founding in 1980, Rubino & Company, Chartered has been organized around exceptional client service and our commitment to our employees.

We understand the ongoing unique strategic and financial issues that the nonprofit industry faces. Nonprofits face a challenging environment with competition for donors, grant funding requirements, and the myriad of regulations associated with federal grant funding.  

With Rubino’s experience and commitment to the nonprofit industry, we offer the following nonprofit services:

Outsourced Bookkeeping for Nonprofits

Bookkeeping is a time-consuming task, and nonprofit leaders typically can’t allocate enough time to do it properly. With our outsourced nonprofit accounting, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your funds, expenses, and donations—we do it for you.

Rubino knows that running a nonprofit is demanding, and we want you to focus your time and efforts on your mission and community. If you feel tasks like bookkeeping keep you away from focusing on your organization’s goals, Rubino’s outsourced bookkeeping for nonprofits will get you back on track.

Nonprofit Audit and other Assurance Services

Nonprofit organizations are often required to have an audit; driven by: board and bylaw or foundation or state fundraising requirements or under the federal government OMB Circulars.   Potential donors and funders need assurance that your organization’s financial practices meet standards, whether driven by the federal government, state authorities, donors or foundations. Regular audits help nonprofit organizations build a reputation for integrity, transparency, and compliance with regulations.

We provide independent, objective audit services of your organization’s financial statements, and help ensure compliance with accounting, regulatory and financial reporting requirements, In addition to providing reliable information, financial statement and compliance audits assist your organization in its reporting to donors, funders, government agencies, lenders, and other stakeholders.

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Nonprofit Tax Services

From tax planning to Form 990 preparation, our nonprofit tax services help your nonprofit stay organized.

We know that your tax-exempt status is important to your organization, so we help nonprofits that have lost tax-exempt status file the right forms to regain this important benefit. We also assist with ongoing document filings and help new nonprofits start on the right foot.

Our experts also prepare sales, property, and use taxes that are not included in your tax exemption.


Our team has extensive and practical experience in charitable organization operations, strategy, governance, risk management, and general business consulting. We deliver services designed to help implement new standards and systems, strengthen governance, improve productivity and efficiency, and manage risks and costs. We have assisted clients with optimization of cost allocations, NICRA submissions, due diligence, business combination reviews, endowments, and many other areas where we can supplement your resources.

We’re Dedicated to Nonprofit Organizations

Rubino works hard for our nonprofit clients, and our dedication is underlined by providing approximately 30,000 hours of service per year to our nonprofit partners.

Our Expertise

Our many years of experience with nonprofit services means our dedicated team of experts understands the tax challenges your entity faces. We help you develop the best strategies to mitigate your organization’s liability and maximize your income.

We offer our nonprofit clients a unified resource to help them reach their goals. Our compliance and financial services are critical in helping your nonprofit succeed through better management of donations.

Rubino combines all of our unique advantages for the singular goal of delivering dependable and accurate nonprofit services.” from existing site:

A Unified Mission

At Rubino, our clients always come first. We are unified in our mission to have a positive effect on our clients, our company, and the community.