As a nonprofit organization, you face many challenges. Whether you are an organization experiencing the impact of limited resources, or a larger entity responding to complex funding arrangements and reporting requirements, you need a skilled and informed partner to work with you to help your organization succeed.

At Rubino & Company, we recognize that the governance and oversight of nonprofit organizations has become increasingly complex due to frequent changes in accounting standards tax legislation and the overall regulatory environment. Furthermore, organizations must consider the constraints and opportunities of the current economic climate to maximize alternative funding opportunities.

Our experienced, responsive professionals help nonprofit organizations address the multitude of issues that you face allowing you to focus on your mission.

As a recognized leader in the nonprofit industry, we currently serve over 200 organizations. Approximately half of our accounting and consulting practice focuses on nonprofit organizations. Our clients include membership organizations, trade associations, business leagues, educational institutions, organizations solely serving governmental agencies, voluntary health and welfare organizations, public and private foundations, and charitable organizations that focus on the arts, religion, health and welfare, gender equality, mental health, social services, and low-income housing.

Our wide range of services includes annual financial statement and Single Audits (in accordance with Subpart F of the Uniform Guidance), Form 990 preparation, consulting on structuring issues, and assistance with establishing supporting entities. We also provide regulatory compliance services to those organizations that receive federal awards. We are proactive in keeping our clients aware of emerging tax laws and changes in accounting standards.

Our services to nonprofits include: