Rubino and Company offers a unique internship experience for college students looking for a hands-on program in public accounting at a midsize firm. Students will choose from 2 separate programs, dedicated or rotation, that best fit their interests. The dedicated internship offers a deep dive into an area of their choosing, tax, audit, consulting/outsourced accounting. Students will spend 6 weeks working side by side with the departments on real-life client accounting projects. The rotation internship offers a diverse overview of life at a public accounting firm and the inner workings of each department. Students will spend 2 weeks in each department, tax, audit, consulting/ outsourced accounting to learn the main roles of the department and then how each department works together to offer the best client experience. 

Our interns also benefit from a specialized learning path throughout the program culminating in a series of certificates to incorporate on their resumes. 

Applications and resume submissions open at the start of each fall semester and stay open until November 30th of that year. Interviews are held in December and final decisions are announced at the end of January. We encourage all students interested in accounting to apply no matter what grade they are in! 

In 2023 Rubino had the pleasure of interviewing 125 internship candidates for the 2024 summer internship program and has chosen 8 students from the following schools: American University, Catholic University, University of Maryland, Virginia Tech, Frostburg University, and Oregon State University.

We are always interested in individuals who see professional services as a way to add value to a business or organization through consulting or outsourced accounting. If you are ready to grow your career, reach out to us today.

Our Onboarding Process

Our Goals: