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State and Local Government

State and local governments and their related organizations, including quasi-governmental organizations and nonprofits, all have unique financial and operational issues. With so many regulatory requirements and a need for strict compliance, these organizations have rigid accounting standards and operational functions unlike any other type of organization. Because we focus our firm on the unique entities operating in highly-regulated environments, we understand the regulations and scrutiny that you are subject to.

Meeting the Needs of State and Local Government

At Rubino & Company, we intentionally focus on serving regulated industries like state and local governmental organizations. We offer a broad range of services to assist with the challenges that today’s changing accounting and compliance regulations create. We are committed to identifying and implementing solutions to the challenges facing today’s state and local governmental organizations and related entities.

We bring a unique perspective to the table thanks to our work externally as auditors and internally as CFOs, and our practical perspective can help bring new solutions to the issues that affordable state and local governments and associated entities face.

Our state and local government entities served include:

Our services include:
  • Cities
  • Towns
  • Counties
  • Water and waste treatment facilities
  • Transportation agencies
  • Affordable housing agencies
  • Financing authorities
  • Special-purpose commissions
  • Annual financial statement audits
  • Single Audits in accordance with OMB under the Uniform Guidance
  • Year-end closings and regulatory reporting requirements such as additional state or special-purpose reporting.
  • Component unit determination, audits, and tax services, where applicable.
  • Strategic Outsourced & Advisory Resources
  • Outsourced CFO and accounting services
  • GASB Implementation
  • General financial and compliance consulting
  • Government & Nonprofit Compliance
  • Bond financing including consent and comfort letters
  • Internal control and fraud risk assessment and consulting

The Rubino & Company Commitment to Quality

We work tirelessly to deliver quality services to our clients, and we are proud of our impeccable reputation. In all of Rubino & Company’s peer reviews, conducted by an independent CPA firm, we have received an unqualified report without a letter of comment. This accomplishment is very difficult to obtain, and it speaks to the level of commitment our firm has to providing quality audit and review services.

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