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Community Involvement

Rubino deeply cares about the communities where we work and live. As part of our dedication to improving the world around us, we give back in numerous ways throughout the year and encourage our staff to do the same.

Our team members participate in, lead and support a broad range of community, civic and educational organizations. Below are some of the events and activities that Rubino supports through volunteer efforts, board service, direct support and pro-bono services.

Nonprofit Board Participation

Our team donates thousands of hours of pro-bono work and accounting services to a diverse group of nonprofit organizations. Many of our staff sit on nonprofit boards to use their leadership skills, while others volunteer for an organization at events or through committees.

Professional Workshops and Training for the Nonprofit Community

Every year, we offer hundreds of hours of pro-bono training and workshops to the nonprofit community to improve the financial acumen of CEOs, project managers, board members and volunteers in the areas of accounting policies and procedures, financial management, budgets, governance and maintaining compliance with federal grants and contracts.

The Greater Washington Society of CPAs

The Greater Washington Society of CPAs is a prestigious local organization that Rubino is very active in. Past presidents of the GWSCPA from Rubino include Margaret Deboe, Mike Gellman, Patty O’Malley and, most recently, Jenny Herrera. Our partners and senior leadership have chaired numerous GWSCPA committees including the Nonprofit Symposium and the training academy.

Beyond our leadership, we have provided hundreds of hours of in-kind support to the GWSCPA’s Education Foundation through our creation of the Nonprofit Accounting Basic$ website. Our employees continue to support Nonprofit Accounting Basic$ through submitting articles and other informative content on a regular basis.

Volunteer Days

We support all of our employees in their charitable efforts by offering volunteer days to groups of staff members interested in rallying around a common cause and combining their power to make a positive impact on the community.

Lee National Denim Day

Our employees have donated thousands of dollars’ worth of money that they would have spent on a pair of jeans to wear on casual Friday to support breast cancer research and wellness programs through The American Cancer Society. Over the years, Lee National Denim Day has raised over $83 million in support of the cause.

Volunteer Community Services

Our leadership, employees and shareholders all donate their time and resources to a variety of community outreach programs in a variety of ways, including speaking at community events, offering financial coaching to low-income members of the community, helping with training programs for prisoners to learn job skills and volunteering time.

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