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Across nearly every industry, including IT, healthcare, professional services, and more, competition is increasing—and organizations are responding. Marketing tactics are maturing. Business development efforts are intensifying. And despite cost-cutting trends, investments in sales tools are rising.

But, there’s a problem. These efforts aren’t addressing a key cross-industry trend: the growing influence of proposals on buyer decisions.

The Growing Impact of Proposals on Your Business Growth

According to a recent Strategic Proposals survey, 78 percent of buyers say proposals are now their most important evaluation factor; yet, nearly 50 percent say companies should be “ashamed” of the quality of proposals they submit.

Even more startling is the fact that these findings reflect a 24-percentage point and 15-percentage point increase, respectively, over an identical survey conducted back in 2007. Now more than ever, reaching your next stage of growth requires effectively positioning and promoting your offerings in proposals.

Unfortunately, while times have changed, your proposals probably have not.

Winning and Retaining More Business with On-Call Proposal Specialists

Your proposals may be falling short for many reasons, such as generic messaging, poor planning, and a lack of differentiation from competitor solutions. But if your organization is like most, these reasons all stem from a lack of time and/or proposal-specific skills.

Simply, most organizations don’t have the resources needed to consistently develop winning content. Until now. Rubino is delighted to announce our new Proposal Management and Consulting practice, which partners with you to increase win rates with clear, compelling proposals—all while minimizing the stress of proposal staffing and last-minute RFP efforts.

Led by Director Joseph Latta, who brings nearly 20 years of proposal management and business writing experience to our firm, the practice offers:

  • Proposal Management and Writing: Using industry best practices, we lead your end-to-end proposal development, working with your team to ensure project organization and clear, persuasive content.
  • Proposal Review and Consulting: We perform in-depth reviews of your proposals to make recommendations and pinpoint issues regarding compliance, structure, organization, and strategy.
  • Proposal Editorial: We supplement your proposal efforts with back-end editing, ensuring your proposals have consistent, concise messaging that is RFP-compliant and friendly to evaluators.
  • Proposal Training: Based on an assessment of your content and processes, we deliver custom sessions to help your team produce more persuasive content in a more efficient manner.
  • Strategic Sales Content Development: We create clear, convincing sales presentations, white papers, reports, articles, and other sales collateral that promotes your brand and highlights your insight.

By outsourcing these services, your organization can remove the heavy burden from in-house staff while elevating the persuasiveness and success of your proposals and sales content. You can be confident that our team will take the time to understand your issues, operations, and objectives, allowing us to serve as a seamless, on-call extension of your team.

Rely on Rubino for Proposal Management and Consulting Since 1980, Rubino has delivered high-quality services to support the growth of B2B companies, government contractors, and non-profit organizations. Whether you could benefit from proposal consulting or outsourced proposal writing and management, we strive to be your strategic partner. To learn more about our services, call us today at (301) 564-3636.